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【概要描述】主案设计师anySCALE 任督设计上海总监 Simon Berg & 资深设计师 Lorenzo Francesco Lanzani 采访稿


【概要描述】主案设计师anySCALE 任督设计上海总监 Simon Berg & 资深设计师 Lorenzo Francesco Lanzani 采访稿

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Simon Berg 

anySCALE 任督设计/上海总监







主案设计师Lorenzo Francesco Lanzani

anySCALE 任督设计/资深设计师









The first question is about your ideas of designing.Where are your ideas come from?



Simon 设计想法和灵感当然是来自我们工作方式的变化。在过去的3年里,每个人都经历过居家办公的时期,当时们有点被迫面对这种情况。我们不得不离开办公室在家工作,对此我们都有一些经验。然后当我们回到办公室时,我们对办公室的工作生活应该如何又开始新的期待。如果再谈深点那就是我们不用一直在办公室工作了,可以边走边看边工作。这时,我们就需要思考办公室到底应该是什么样的。这是一个很大的问题,我们无法完全回答,但我们想给出某种可能的愿景。正如我刚刚提到的,协作、会议和这些创造性的东西不仅对设计师,还有其他需要日常工作的上班族而言,他们不能仅仅远程工作,他们更需要一个地方来会面,来探讨,来协作。这可能是创建这个设计盒子创意中心的起始点,它就是一个创意社交灵活的中心,供需要会面的人们时不时相聚在一起。



SimonThe idea and inspiration certainly comes from the changes on how we work. Everybody has undergone the period of working from home in the last 3 year, so we were sort of forced to that situation. We were dragged out from office and we worked at home, and we all have some experience about that. We gained that experience and then when we were back into the office, we have new expectations about how our work life in the office should be like. If you pushed this a little bit further, to the point that we don’t need to work all the time in the office anymore, and we can travel around, and then we need to think about how the office should actually be like. And that is a big question since we don’t want to answer, but we want to give sort of vision. As what we mentioned, the collaboration, the meeting and these creative things to people, not only designer, but also other office worker who need daily work routine, they cannot just work remotely, therefore they need a place. That’s probably the starting point of creating this kind of creative hub , a creative social flexible hub for the people come from time to time together.




2)Q: 在后疫情时代,人们对于这种物理空间的办公空间其实有两种讨论,一种是觉得没有必要了;一种是反而觉得我不想在家办公,还是需要一个实体空间。那您作为设计师,在中国做了这么多办公项目.您觉得未来的趋势会往哪个方向走一些?

under the impact of the epidemic, many people gradually think that it is not necessary to work in the entity. what do you think about the long term development of the workspace?



疫情之后会发生什么? 我们将会像什么事都没发生过一样回到办公室,还是我们会从中学到些什么,适应它并进入一种新的模式? 现在我有一种感觉,在中国,人们正试图回到我们以前的状态,但这可能并不现实。当我们看欧洲、美国时,人们大部分时间都在远程工作,或者说50%居家办公,50%在办公室工作,这很正常,也许真相就是这样,那就是这两者的结合,或者是一个混合解决方案。但我认为这事还在变化着。所以可能在我们找到合适的工作模式之前,还需要一段时间。



Simon :What happens after this experience? So are we going back into the office and work like nothing ever happened or do we learn from it and we adapted into a new mode? At thmoment, I have the feeling that in China people are trying to go back to where we were before but that's maybe not really working. When we look at Europe or America that's very normal that people are working mostly 50at home and 50in the office. So probably the truth is like this, people will work in a combination of these two places or the hybrid solution. But I think this is still something which is undergoing. Therefore,it probably needs some time until we find the right mode of working.








About this box,the design is very special because it feels like very light and clean, is clear. so what about your ideas and thinking when you're designing this box?






Simon: i think the design is light and clear because we use this Systemthe scaffolding system which is something that we all know from a construction side from the cities so this is also a reference to the urban environment to an urban hap and it's easy and modular, scalable ,easy to assemble the workers have been actually i think finished ahead of time right they have only taken two days out of three days to build this booth. So, it’s very important to think in these kindof systems and modules. Then we add these light curtains to divide it flexibly. It's all about flexibilityabout systemabout scalability.









Is the budget affect the design?is it a huge or a small effect?






Simon:Surely budget matters. We considered what kind of budget can do what kind of design, luckily the result looks quite good.







In the process of designing,what are some short stories that make you memorable?Can you share it with us?




我们开始考虑整个搭建的时候,意识到所需的材料和数量其实是不可持续的,因为要用到大量的木结构和能源。另一方面,项目也有预算上的限制。所以,我们虽然非常喜欢第一个方案,但我们觉得它可能不是一个能回答临时性和灵活性问题的最佳方案。所以我们内部讨论完之后,我们就想到了一个很好办法,为什么不把它变成一个可以快速建造的结构呢? 它既有趣,又能令人感受到更有创意的感觉。所以这就是为什么我们提出了这个脚手架系统作为最终方案。它很简单,每个人都知道如何搭建它,然后我们把颜色饱和度调高一点,让它看着更加时尚和有趣,非常地好玩,真的,然后我们就感觉,相对于第一个比较严肃的方案,它更适合在这里展现,也更能回答未来的办公室会是怎样的这个问题。这个颜色其实是个亮点,我们非常喜欢这个设计。



Lorenzo: Actually, we came up with the first design and it was completely different to the design we see here. We started working on it and when we realized the amount of material needed was not sustainable, since we need to use a lot of woods and energy, as well as a tight titimeline and budget issue. Although we like the first option, we felt like it's probably not the right answer to the question of temporary flexibility. So, after one round of discussion internally, we came up with the idea of making something that is quick to build to present fun and creative feeling. Due to it is more like temporary so that's why we came out with this scaffolding system which is very simple system everyone knows how to build up out of it but at the same time then we pop up a bit the color to make it a bit more funkyinteresting and playful, because the first option was nice but was probably too serious for answering the question of how the future office could be. So we put up the colors a bit wo make it a highlight point which we do think is a quite fun and interesting process to work with. I would say it's one point that we quite enjoyed.







how many times you have been to make the exhibition and what's your feeling about that?



Simon:For me, it is the second time in the Shenzhen Creative Week. I have to say that I really like it. Because for me, it probably the most trendsetting exhibition in China. In Shenzhen, you can find a lot of new stuff and it’s more experimental. The exhibition has more this year also, I didn't have a look at all the booths yet but I can feel there's a lot of small brands and new brands from China , that's very interesting with great potential








LorenzoActuallyfor me, it’s the first time to visit Shenzhen Creative Week. So, I feel like the vibe as mentioned by Simon is very nice and I have been walking around during the construction site. You can tell that there a lot of exhibitionthat trying to push a bit the traditional approach to the fair. A lot of the Chinese fairs is often about big volumes and white and black colors, but in here you can feel like as we try to do, a lot of other booththat trying to push the boundaries of whait's a traditional approach to a booth. So how the space can affect the product display and think this is what most interesting for us is designed and not only look at the products but look the way they have displayed and this is also something that can set a trend for the future of the exhibition world. 








How to use anySCALE’s design approach during the designing of the booth?



Lorenzo:I think it all start as our company approach to any project first of all you need to understand who you're working with and understand what they want out of the design itself so usually when we approach client which have a specific brand we analyze the brand we understand the origin of the brand and then from there we start in this case it's more like there are several brands so we started more left from the idea of the furniture office environment so this is the actual keyboard rather than focus on a brand itself focus on how they can interact different brands and how this space can actually evolve from being like just not just assemble of different furniture but how those different brand can give value to each other








Why did you choose gasoline blue as the color of your scaffolding stand?



Simon: 我觉得这个颜色选择还是带了点设计师个人的偏爱的。首先这可能是Lorenzo最喜欢的颜色吧!哈哈,然后,其实因为这个颜色真的很衬托整个展台,也和展会的格调很搭,它充满活力和动感,这个色彩也寓意着会有更多新鲜事物的发生。现在坐在这里再看,我不得不说,这就是最正确的选择。



Simon:I think this color is something very personal. Because this color this blue that you see there is probably Lorenzo's favorite color and i think this just fits very well to this kind of topic because it's energetic and the green has something vibrant and something fresh and means there's something new happening so on this level it's also the right choice of color right





















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